DIY Fuel Cell Science Classroom Pack – H2GP EXPLORER (XPR)

H2GP XPR will easily fit in Chemistry, Physics, as well as Art or Ecology classes. Beyond the knowledge, students’ competencies will be effectively taught and developed through effective SEL principles. Finally, students are taught about renewable energy, why is it important and how to use recycled materials, so they can fully understand the importance of sustainability and the 3Rs: reduce-reuse-recycle


Once your students familiarize themselves with the technology, encourage them to build their own car from scratch and then use the Fuel Cell and motor to power it. Let them become engineers and designers of their own unique vehicle! How much imagination do they have? Everything you need to split water and use its hydrogen to generate electricity is included. What that electricity powers is up to you. Use our included activity guide or come up with your own ideas.

This bundle serves 12 students in distance education or 24 students in classical teaching at school.