VEX GO Medium Classroom Bundle

VEX GO is built for educators teaching STEM fundamentals to 3rd – 6th grade students. GO Education Bundles make STEM manageable for teachers and fun for students!


Classrooms Done Right
Education Bundles are the perfect solution for individual STEM classrooms. They can also be shared between two to six classrooms throughout the school year. The bundles contain everything educators need to get started and succeed.

Coding Done Right
Block based coding is easy for young coders with VEXcode. Available for Tablets, Chromebooks, Macs and PCs.

STEM Lessons
Our latest research-backed educational solution is called STEM Labs. These 40-minute lessons can be utilized in sequential order to create unique, extended learning experiences. STEM Labs promote collaboration and exploratory learning.

  • Number of Students20
  • Carrying Cases for Kits 2
  • GO Kits + Storage, Field Tile 10
  • Spare Parts Bin + extra parts 2
  • Charger for all 5 batteries 2
  • Carrying case for fields, walls 2
  • Walls for the classroom Field 2
  • Extra Pin Tools 10
  • Parts Posters 2